University of Technology
Computer science
Master's Programme
Mode of studies: 
full-time programme
4 semesters
Tuition fee: 
3000 euros per year
Degree awarded: 
MSc degree
Application deadline: 
Saturday, 1 September, 2018
Start date: 
Sunday, 1 October, 2017
Credits (ECTS): 
30 ECTS per semester
Admission requirements: 

The conditions of enrollment entail:

- application form 

- knowledge of English language confirmed by a test at B2 level or equivalent. 

- and other required documents from application procedures.

Cracow University of Technology published more information at the website: http://www.en.bwm.pk.edu.pl/graduate+studies,s2.html

PROGRAMME TITLE: Applied Computer Science
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Physics, Mathematics & Computer Science
 Nowadays the Computer Science is present everywhere in a human life. Computers are commonly used for working, getting and broadcasting of information, data processing, production management, air- sea- and land traffic control, communication, multimedia and etc. People, who are familiar with modern information techniques, who are able to force computers for use all their possibilities, who know how to exploit capabilities of complex computer networks and who are willing to write programs for a new sophisticated applications are wanted for almost
all branches of human activity. Our graduates may obtain a professional knowledge in these and many other problems connected with the use of computers. They will be able to work with project management, software engineering, implementation and management of modern informatics’ systems. They will be also able to manage of data bases, internet services, computer systems and networks. They will know how to solve problems in these fields, starting from their analysis, building UML models, creation of algorithms and writing suitable software. Our graduates can get a job inbig or small business, industry, telecommunication, administration, services, education, multimedia and many other places. 
We strongly invite you to study at our Faculty. The aim of the study for each of the three studies in our direction is theoretical and practical preparation for future graduates to independent modeling of reality and solve problems, requiring the use of advanced information technologies, methods of mathematical modeling and the corresponding physical models. Education in our department is a response to the demand of companies; these small and big that need specialists, mathematicians and physicists, operating close to the real problems: the design, production, management and participating in the creation of their practical solutions.
Department operates a number of new specialties allow for easy adaptation to changing market demands. Students of the Faculty learn methods of computer graphics and multimedia techniques necessary to design professional websites and web sites using the latest technologies and environments. Graduates of our faculty gain qualifications in terms of broadly defined mathematical, physical and information of the problems of modern technology. They are very well prepared for the computer modeling of phenomena in nature and society. They are able to successfully implement the consulting firms, industrial production, as well as in banking, insurance and IT departments of enterprises of different sectors of the economy.
It is worth noting that our graduates easily find employment in an increasingly demanding labor market. It is represented by a number of companies, mainly in the IT sector, which work closely with the Department.
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