I have an adventurous personality. I would like to see the whole world.

How did you learn about The University of Information Technology and Management?

Firstly, one of my friends who has graduated from UITM told me about the opportunity to study in Poland. Then after searching for different universities I found UITM as a great choice for me.

What made you decide to study in Rzeszow?

First, UITM is located in Rzeszow and I had decided to study here. Second, my brother lives in Rzeszow and it was a wonderful chance to use his support and guidance.

What field of study at UITM did you choose?

I'm currently doing my Master's Degree in Economics with the “International Management” speciality.

Are you glad that you chose UITM as your study place?

Absolutely. UITM, as one of the best universities for international students, offers so many opportunities to good and bright students. I have participated in many of them. Among them, using Erasmus internship and Erasmus study with a grant from the university (Of course, after taking several exams and an interview) created the best chance for me and opened my eyes to the world, and also changed my life in a positive way.

All professors are quite knowledgeable and also the perfect, modern and technological atmosphere of this university make me more satisfied with my choice.

What were your first impressions of the technological standards (e.g. Virtual University, IT equipment and utilities)?

My first impression was quite positive. Everything is well organized with the UITM application, Virtual University and other features which are one of the strengths of UITM.

What were your first impressions of studying in Poland?

I have to say that I was really shocked by everything at the beginning. Plenty of international students with a common language which caused I felt lonely among them in the first days of school along with Polish language, which was the hardest part for me. However, I could cope well with everything so fast and I was glad with my right decision about choosing UITM.

What do you find so special about Poland and Rzeszow?

Poland is a country with rich history and in recent years it has changed a lot. Social welfare, economic growth, and industrial progress make this country a charming place to attract tourists and foreigners to study, or even invest, which leads to make profit for Poland, but besides that create a lot of job opportunities. Consequently, all these reasons encouraged me to make this decision since I like countries which try to decrease their distance with advanced countries in terms of industry, production and economy.

What do you think of the hospitality and attitudes of Poles towards you?

Polish people are very hospitable and friendly. I have received only positive behaviour and experienced amazing friendships with Poles. Their attitude is always intimate, warm and sincere toward me, whether in a professional environment or friendship atmosphere.

Have you ever considered staying in Poland permanently?

Who knows the future?

I have an adventurous personality. I would like to see the whole world. Certainly, Poland is a pretty good option for living as regards to the reasons I have mentioned before. However, because I am planning to further educate myself, I do not know now about my next destination. So, I cannot answer this question now!

What do you plan to do after graduating UITM?

As I said before, I am planning to carry on my education and find a PhD position at a prestigious university and then my other dreams will come true step by step. Moreover, traveling a lot as a tourist or professional specialist and making a bright and stupendous life in all perspectives are my other plans for the near future.


Elmira Mohammadhosseini Fadafan