I fell in love with Rzeszow and Poland!

How did you learn about The University of Information Technology and Management?

I heard about the university from representatives in Astana. They were advertising faculties and specialties.

What made you decide to study in Rzeszow?

First of all, I cannot say that I  had a preferred city, I had a preferred university. Later, I found data about the city, population and sightseeing places.

What field of study at UITM did you choose?

I have selected Aviation Management. It was the most attractive offer for  me. I have been dreaming to work in this field.

Are you glad that you chose UITM as your study place?

I am very glad with my choice that I made three years ago and never been sorry because I found everything concerning my educational expectations.

What were your first impressions of the technological standards (e.g. Virtual University, IT equipment and utilities)?

These tools make the process of studying easier and very interesting and give opportunity to do the job faster. Therefore, in the future all consciousness will be set to do workload as optimal as possible.

What were your first impressions of studying in Poland?

People seemed affable and friendly. Also conditions in which cities were maintained were perfect.

What do you find so special about Poland and Rzeszow?

I found the specific course in the university and later fell in love with Rzeszow and Poland.

What do you think of the hospitality and attitudes of Poles towards you?

Poles are very hospitable, especially the older generation.  Everybody was ready to help me even though I did not speak Polish.

Have you ever considered staying in Poland permanently?

Yes. I am planning to stay here permanently.

What do you plan to do after graduating UITM?

I want to build the fundamentals of my carrier here, in Poland. Later, with scope of skills and knowledge I will bring something new and innovative to my Homeland. 

Almaz Merekenov