I was searching for a foreign country where I could study in English and have contact with the patients, and Poland was the best fit for me.


How did you learn about The Science Without Borders Scholarship Programme?

This was a well-known program in my home university, most of my classmates have joined to it. Unfortunately, due to political crisis in Brasil, the calls have stopped for undetermined time.

Why did you decide to participate in this programme

Because it was an opportunity to live in another country and studying medicine at the same time. I was searching for a foreign country where I could study in English and have contact with the patients, and Poland was the best fit for me. Besides that, the fact that it made possible for me to meet people from all over the world, take Polish classes and a lot of experiences I have never had.

What field of study in Poland did you choose?

I chose to study the same course I was studying in Brazil: medicine. I have picked up internal medice, family medicine and emergency as the main fields.

What were your plans and expectations related to studying in Poland? Have they already come true?

I was curious about how the practical activities would take place, considering that the patients in general only speak Polish. I was very surprised with the quality of the teachers, their patience to translate the conversations to English, and the welcoming from the university. The accomodation offered by the university was also a big surprise, because I was afraid of polish winters - and in the dorms it is always very warm. My plans are coming true =)

What kind of possibilities have studies in Poland given you?

I still have not finished them yet, but mostly they are a strong background for me to choose my next steps inside the medical career: probably I am going to be a endocrinologist.

What are your expectations for the future? How does this scholarship may help you to achieve them?

I expect to keep studying polish in Brazil, and keep with my studies in the medical graduation. This scholarship brought the opportunity to practice my English (which is very important to read and write papers, what is very needed in medical carreer). I am also thinking about finishing my residency and taking postgraduation course.


What would you tell to all those who hesitate to study in Poland?

Unfortunately there is still resistance of people to come to study in a country that is not between the most 'famous' countries in Europe. What I can advise is that you should study the university for which you are applying and talk to people who have already studied there. Jagiellonian University has hundreds of years of history, and offers medical course in English, what, for foreign students like brazilians, is great pro. In the English -speaker countries, we students do not have the opportunity to get in touch with patients, and for me that's a very important point in medical education. Besides that, the university staff was always very solicit, the dorms are really great and Krakow has a lot to offer - parties, history, snow, nature. All I can say is thank you for this opportunity!


Barbara Nedel