As a student I gained both theoretical and practical exposure to the Aviation industry.

How did you learn about The University of Information Technology and Management?

Back in 2013, I was searching for the university in Europe, offering Aviation Management course. And I found UITM; it’s one of the four universities in Europe offering such a specialization. Thus I came to know about my university.

What made you decide to study in Rzeszow?

The Aviation Management course attracted me to study in Rzeszow, also it’s culturally different from my home country (India) with exposure to the Polish culture and tradition.

What field of study at UITM did you choose?

BSc Aviation management and Logistics (Engineering).

Are you glad that you chose UITM as your study place?

Yes, I am certainly privileged to study at UITM. As a student I gained both theoretical and practical exposure to the Aviation industry by completing my internships at Katowice Airport and Lufthansa (one of the leading airlines in the world). As UITM Aviation Management students, we received prestigious IATA certificate courses, which is the most recognisable certificate in the world of Air Transport Market.

What were your first impressions of the technological standards (e.g. Virtual University, IT equipment and utilities)?

Virtual University is  a platform for students for learning material or contacting the lecturers. Our university offers professional standard in providing such technology.

What were your first impressions of studying in Poland?

It’s about the polish weather, which is unpredictable with harsh and severe winter. So I need to change the way I dress up back in India. The second thing is about learning Polish language as it is one of the hardest languages in the world and I felt challenged in learning the difficult language.

What do you find so special about Poland and Rzeszow?

As a student, we find the Polish currency is much more affordable and the living cost is significantly low than comparing to any other European countries.

What do you think of the hospitality and attitudes of Poles towards you?

Actually I am overwhelmed by the exceptional hospitality offered by the Polish people and sometimes misinterpreted by the language barriers. Poles are friendly and supportive people with noble tradition.

Have you ever considered staying in Poland permanently?

Well, I am looking for opportunities around the world; if Poland offers such a place I would consider staying.

What do you plan to do after graduating UITM?

After graduating, I will be actively seeking for a job around the world.

Karthikeyan Parameswaran