The number of different international programmes taught in English at UITM impressed me!

How did you learn about The University of Information Technology and Management?

Friends were studying there and they told me a lot about the advantages of UITM. Then I started browsing courses that this University has and exchange possibilities. Number of different international programmes taught in English impressed me.

What made you decide to study in Rzeszow?

Rzeszów is located very close to my home town in Ukraine (basically 100 km) and I didn’t want to move far away for my Bachelor studies. This city offers everything what a young lady may need, so Rzeszów was pretty obvious for me choice. I haven’t considered anything else.

What field of study at UITM did you choose?

For my Bachelor studies I have chosen Aviation Management. I successfully graduated from this very interesting course and now I am doing my Masters in International Management.

Are you glad that you chose UITM as your study place?

A lot. I have used so many possibilities that this University offers. I have taken part in many international events, conferences, grown up as a young professional. Classes here were full of useful material and I really learned many things.

What were your first impressions of the technological standards (e.g. Virtual University, IT equipment and utilities)?

Frankly speaking, I was shocked. I wasn’t used to live in such a technological environment. But fast enough I managed to understand and it made my life so much easier.

What were your first impressions of studying in Poland?

My first thought was: “Am I really in Poland?” So many international students were here, so many people around me spoke English and other languages, that it was kind of hard even to learn Polish properly.

What do you find so special about Poland and Rzeszow?

Well, Poland is a developed country and consistently improving its economy, which leads to increase in job offers, infrastructure, overall wellbeing of people living here. Rzeszów is a capital of innovation and its entertainment level is high enough for me.

What do you think of the hospitality and attitudes of Poles towards you?

Poles are very positive and open people. I really like communicating with them. I have never felt like a foreigner, never experienced any kind of cold behaviour towards me. Unlike some other countries, Poland in terms of hospitality is doing very good.

Have you ever considered staying in Poland permanently?

Well, I am not sure where my life will bring me. I am interested in exploring the world, so I would love to change my location every 4-5 years in order to see everything there. Poland is a good option for permanent stay as well, but for now I am not able to answer this question.

What do you plan to do after graduating UITM?

I am planning to find a well-paid and challenging job, to which I am sure UITM prepares me perfectly. Of course, as I said before, I want to travel all over the world, maybe at some point start a family – but it’s in long term future.

Anastasiia Bulavka