I enjoyed myself a lot in Poland, so I miss people and circumstances and want to continue my studies in Poland.

How did you learn about Programme in the University of Economics in Katowice ?

I got the information about the Erasmus program in the website of my university.

Why did you decide to participate in this Programme?

I decided to participate the program because I believed it would be a good opportunity to develop my language skills, my soft skills (adaptability and so on), my knowledge related to my field of study and because I imagine this international experience can provide me best career opportunities.

What field of study in Poland did you choose?

The field of study I chose was Economics.

What were your plans and expectations related to studying in Poland? Have they already come true?

Expected, despite the mentioned above, to meet different people and get in touch with a variety of cultures.

What kind of possibilities had studies in Poland given you?

The diversity of perspectives is enriching. Yes, they became true. Apart from developing my language skills, for I don't speak Polish and I had to communicate in other languages different than my mother tongue, my experience in Poland may open me new career opportunities.

What are your expectations for the future? How does this experience  may help you to achieve them?

For the future, I intend to continue my studies until the PhD., and the scholarship was indeed helpful, for I assume it will be rather easier to study abroad again for my master or Ph.D.

What would you tell to all those who hesitate to study in Poland?

For those who hesitate to study in Poland, I say: give it a try. Allow yourself to know the best of Poland, and Poland will give you its best.

Mateus Gonzalez de Freitas