I came to the University of Economics for one semester, but stayed for 2 and still miss it very much.

How did you learn about Programme in the University of Economics in Katowice ?

I heard Erasmus from my ex-girlfriend. She told me lets apply together. Then she couldn't come. Because she didn't pass an English exam. 

Why did you decide to participate in this Programme?

I participated because I was curious about Europe culture. New people , new friends...

What field of study in Poland did you choose?

I studied business management in Poland.

What were your plans and expectations related to studying in Poland? Have they already come true?

I expected travelling Europe and enjoy my Erasmus. And its all became true.

What kind of possibilities had studies in Poland given you?

Studying in Poland gives me hope about future. Because I understood the world is bigger than we thought.

What are your expectations for the future? How does this experience  may help you to achieve them?

About future , I can say that I will travel. The scholarship wasn't enough to get everything we want but it was enough for accommodation and get some food.

What would you tell to all those who hesitate to study in Poland?

I would say that never hesitate to go Poland for an amazing experience. You will be in different life , different culture .

Muhammet Yigit