"Hopefully and fortunately all the plans and expectations have come true"!

How did you learn about The Poznan University of Technology ?

A year ago, during my visit to New Delhi I came across European higher education fair. It was my first interaction with PUT there. After going through other several options at the fair, I decided to delve deeper and to do further search about PUT.

Why did you decide to choose PUT?

To begin with, the decision to choose PUT was not sudden. The decision was taken after doing a heavy search and a broad comparison. After collecting the information from PUT official website and by other sources I decided to elect the option of PUT for continuing my higher education. The additional major reasons that help me to take this option were interesting composition of syllabus and a very friendly as well as polite full co-operation, treatment and service of PUT international office staff. 

What field of study at PUT did you choose?

I have chosen a  B.Sc program in Electronics and telecommunications in PUT.

What were your plans and expectations related to studying in Poland? Have they already come true?

Speaking broadly, the main aim was to explore a different nation and a have a company of international students and friends. Moving further, the only expectations related to study in Poland was to experience a different ambience and system of study than my country. Thereafter, hopefully and fortunately all the plans and expectations have come true.

What kind of possibilities had studies at PUT given you?

To be very thankful, PUT has provided me a great opportunity to complete my bachelor degree in an affordable fee structure. The other possibilities include the boosting up of the knowledge about foreign culture, for going on Erasmus in EU countries and for student ex-change program in non-EU countries. Next key possibility is a chance to learn the extensive languages like polish and germen during the study. However the possibility of sharing one’s view with international students is also considerable.

What are your expectations for the future? How does this experience may help you to achieve them?

First of all, I want to be equipped with all the skills that are mandatory for a successful engineer. Moving further, the variety of facilities at PUT and matchless efforts and guidance of professors will aid to make me enrich in these skills and also to luster them.

What would you tell to all those who hesitate to study in Poland?

I would like to humbly advice all my endeared friends to pull out all the stops who are reluctant to study in Poland. At last, it is a delightful and pleasurable experience to be a part of PUT.

Harpreet Singh Sidhu