I am Xiao from China.


In 2013 I came here and now I study at the MEiL faculty (Faculty of Power and Aerospace Engineering). I study Aerospace Engineering, bachelor degree.

I was thinking about going abroad when I was young and I really wanted to do something different from other Chinese students. When I saw Poland I knew that it’s the right place for me. Why? First, because Poland is in the centre of Europe. I have many chances to go to the other countries for travelling. Personally I like travelling a lot.

On the other hand, Warsaw University of Technology is a very good university of technology, I think the best in Poland. I personally study Aerospace Engineering and have access to so much information and knowledge on this university. I saw there is so many advanced equipment for aerospace engineering, like for example wind tunnels. I felt these laboratories will be a great chance for me gain new knowledge about aerospace engineering. So I certainly believe that Warsaw University of Technology is a good university for me.

After graduation I have many plans, some big plans. My dream is to start a company selling airplanes, I would like to be an aircraft manufacturer. After graduation I should first get experience from big airplane companies, I would like to work for several years if I’m able to and then I would like to start doing my own business step by step.

Welcome to Warsaw University of Technology. You will feel excited about this university when you come here so don’t hesitate to come here, you will feel at home here. This is a great chance to change your life.

Liu Xiao