The 100th Anniversary of the Polish Physical Society in the Year of Physics 2020

The Senate of the Republic of Poland designates 2020 as the Year of Physics. This year is the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Polish Physical Society. Thus, a three-day celebration is organized in Warsaw on this occasion during October 16-18 this year.

The following questions are going to be answered:

What's new in the physics of gravitational waves?
Is the discovery of the Higgs particle the end of one of the physics chapters?
What do modern physicists live and what are their challenges?

Participation in the Extraordinary Congress of the Polish Physical Society is free and open to the public in the online formula. On the website of the event, you can find not only descriptions of lectures, but also over 100 e-posters presenting the most interesting research results of physicists from all over Poland. For science enthusiasts, it is an opportunity to organize their knowledge, find out what's going on in physics, and listen to professors' speeches. All information about the event along with links to the transmission of the lecture on the YouTube platform will be available at

Resolution establishing 2020 as the Year of Physics

The appointment of 2020 as the Year of Physics by the Senate of the Republic of Poland is a tribute to Polish physicists and their achievements, as well as an appreciation of the civilization's importance of this field of science. We want the Year of Physics to bring even greater recognition in our society for the role of science, in particular physics, and its contribution to the development of the economy and its impact on our everyday life. Interest in physics, an extremely interesting experimental science, translates into an increase in skills in this area for the next generations. The scientific and professional activity undertaken in this area is particularly important during the construction of the information society and the knowledge-based economy, reads the resolution.

On the national and international level, the Polish representatives are showing bright results in the field of physics. A crucial part of becoming a competitive specialist is to obtain a high-qualified education and practice.


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Photo by Robert Kneschke