15 million zlotys to support Cambridge Polish Studies

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education allocated more than 15 million zlotys to support Polish Studies at the University of Cambridge. The initiative aims to support the development of Cambridge Polish Studies.

Cambridge Polish Studies was launched in 2014 thanks to four sponsors: the Foundation for Polish Science, the Grabowski Foundation, the University of Cambridge, and the Zdanowicz Foundation. These institutions provided funding in the amount of £340 thousand, which ensures the functioning of the centre until 2018.

"Additional funds provided by the Ministry of Science will primarily enable the Polish chair at Cambridge to offer Polish Studies in the field of humanities and social sciences, and conduct joint Polish-British research projects. They will also contribute significantly to the creation of the image of Poland as a country with great scientific and cultural potential" - the Ministry of Science announced on its website.

The project will be implemented in cooperation of the University of Warsaw and the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge Polish Studies were another yet initiative aiming to create a Polish chairs in prestigious foreign academic centres. The first such program was launched at Columbia University in New York. "The idea of Polish Studies was a response to the decline in interest in Polish affairs in the West, as well as decreasing budgets and employment in the scientific institutions that taught Polish language and literature" - informs the Ministry of Science.

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