83 young researchers with Diamond Grants

Nearly 16 million zlotys went to 83 young researchers in the 5th edition of the Diamond Grant competition of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Depending on the represented field, winners will receive up to 180 thousand or even 220 thousand zlotys.

Diamond Grant is one of the most prestigious Ministry of Science and Higher Education programs for young researchers. Every year up to one hundred outstanding students can win funding for their research and expediting their research careers.

Last Friday, the Ministry of Science published the list of 83 winners of the fifth edition of the competition on its website. A total of 277 applications for funding of projects were considered. "The Minister of Science and Higher Education awarded nearly 16 million zlotys for financing projects of talented students of uniform master's or graduates of 1st degree studies, conducting research at a high level and having outstanding scientific achievements" - informed the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

The funded projects included.: study of microscopic invertebrates on the example of tardigrades; developing a system of detection of water pollution; analysis of "Brussels phrases" - mechanisms of their formation, evolution and assimilation; the development of new multi-functional polyester materials for tissue engineering.

Full list of winners is available at: http://www.nauka.gov.pl/komunikaty/diamentowy-grant-rozstrzygnelismy-juz-v-edycje.html

In this year's edition, the maximum amount of grants for which young researchers could apply was adjusted to specific disciplines. Up to 180 thousand zlotys could be awarded for projects in: humanities, social sciences, art and artistic creation. In the case of science, technology, natural sciences, agriculture, forestry, medical sciences, veterinary, health sciences and physical education funding could reach 220 thousand zlotys. The maximum monthly salary for the winner is 2.5 thousand zlotys.

Diamond Grant has been awarded since 2012. Since that time, 353 students have won grants, and the state has subsidised their research with the amount of 63.3 million zlotys. The budget of single edition of Diamond Grant is approx. 15 million zlotys. The winners of the first edition founded the Association of Diamond Grant Laureates. The conferences they organise is an opportunity for establishing interdisciplinary and inter-university co-operation between the best researchers. Diamond Grant winners can already boast numerous awards and scholarships, they also have their first scientific publications.