Admissions for 2020/2021 continues

This unusual year just finding out such crucial thing as admission deadlines may be little problematic. Even more, if one will take into consideration that universities are free to determine details of the admission procedures on they own.

Therefore it is essential to observe that at vast majority of the Polish higher education institutions (HEIs) admissions continues, in some cases till August or even September. But it does not mean that one should wait for the very last moment with their decision! First of all, several universities will close the registration in July and possibly one that you was dreaming to study at is among them! Second, formalities usually take some time, so it is advisable to have some extra time just in case. If you wish to check and compare admission deadlines across whole Poland you may check

Still, universities are doing their best to support the prospective students: extending deadlines, switching to online mode wherever possible, in particular when it comes to accepting applications and continuing their promotional efforts – of course on Facebook, Zoom and other internet platforms. NAWA encourages joining such events as it is great and easily accessible source of knowledge.