Coronavirus update for foreign students


Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemia all higher education institutions in Poland have either suspended classes or switched to the remote mode of teaching. Most of the universities published guidelines as regards to the informing proper authorities in case of getting an infection, staying in dormitories, etc.

Please find below a list of the newest official announcements by the Polish Governmental Authorities and respective universities and associations:

Government of

Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (in Polish)

Ministry of Science and Higher Educatio (in Polish)

Polish National Agency for Academic

Information for international students from the Students' Parliament of the Republic of Poland

Information regarding Coronavirus published by some of the Polish universities:

Universities (in alphabetic order)

Universities of Technology (in alphabetic order)

Medical Universities (in alphabetic order)

Universities of Economics (in alphabetic order)

Universities of Agriculture and Life Sciences (in alphabetic order)

Universities-type Non-Public HEls (in alphabetic order)