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Graduates of MUB passed the Medical Dental Final Examination as the best in Poland!

Once again, graduates of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of UMB obtained the best results in Poland during the Medical Dental Final Examination in 2018. The average result obtained on the exam by the students of Medical University of Bialystok was 136.16 points.

It is 6 points more than the second in the ranking - Medical University of Warsaw (130, 29 points). The third place was taken by graduates of the Medical University of Gdańsk with a score of 129.97 points.

This is the evidence that young dentists are very serious about this important exam for their future careers. The results show that we have talented and responsible students, but it should also be noted that success does not come from nowhere - during the course of studies, students get knowledge which together with their own, hard work, gives excellent results. Modern equipment, didactic methods, and above all perfectly educated staff, is a simple way to success.

It is also worth emphasizing the good cooperation between academic teachers and the student community. High teaching standards result in graduates obtaining knowledge at the highest level, and most importantly, they are able to translate it into their own success.

This year's LDEK result is also another confirmation of the excellent assessment of the Polish Accreditation Committee, which took place last year.

For several years now, the Medical University of Bialystok has been at the top places, both on the Medical-Dental Final Examination and the Medical Final Examination .