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Helpful Guidebook for Foreign Students Has Been Presented by Students` Parliament

The Students' Parliament of the Republic of Poland has prepared a remarkable guidebook that contains all the most crucial information not only about our country, culture, food, living costs, or student life but also about formalities that you have to take into account before and during your stay in Poland.

You can read the guidebook following this link: https://psrp.org.pl/international-students/

The Students' Parliament of the Republic of Poland is the legal representative of all students in Poland.

This organization represents the student community in front of the state authorities at the highest level and in the international arena. It is an association of local student councils from all universities in the country. It plays a significant role in co-deciding about the state policy towards youth.

First of all, the tasks of the PSRP include dealing with issues related to the student environment by looking for system solutions. The association is devoted to supporting student self-governments in implementing the new projects. They regularly engage students in training projects developing hard and soft skills that are useful in everyday life, encourage international student exchanges, and actively participate in the international student movement. One such project is the National Conference of the Students' Parliament of the Republic of Poland.

At the Students 'Parliament of the Republic of Poland, there is the Student Ombudsman who intervenes in cases of violation of students' rights at universities and takes preventive measures to increase awareness of the rights and obligations of students.

Do not hesitate to contact this association if you want to participate in their activities. As our Digital Ambassador Anastasiia Pyshna has mentioned in the previous article “Take everything from your university. I mean participate in research clubs, visit university`s events and conferences, be active in the student councils, perform internships while studying. These few activities could make your student life brighter and full of new people. I am concerned that the second most vital thing that the university can give you after education is life-long connections”.

You can find more tips for the incoming foreign students in Poland following this link: https://go-poland.pl/news/5-tips-incoming-foreign-students-poland

You are able to follow the activities and updates from PSRP by reading this web page: https://psrp.org.pl/