Information for international students from the Students' Parliament of the Republic of Poland due to COVID-19

Below you can find information for international students from the Students' Parliament of the Republic of Poland:

1. We urge that your time off from classes is not an excuse to intensify social contacts. It’s a time of wise health choices.
We are responsible for our health. Let’s behave responsibly. Our free time is quarantine. As young people, we can be infected with coronavirus and have no symptoms. However, this means that we can still affect others, especially the elderly or the sick, for whom coronavirus is a much more significant threat!

2. Look for information on your university’s website.
At most universities, classes are suspended or are taking place online – follow all the announcements.

3. If you live in a students’ dorm, you have the full right to stay there according to the rules set by your university, and nobody can tell you to move out.

4. Stay in the place of residence as recommended by the sanitary services! During this time, you can catch up on college, watch new series or read books, and these are just some of the many ideas.

5. Remember! If you have a problem with understanding a rector’s ordinance, or other problems related to this situation, e.g. concerning language, we are at your disposal. We launched a dedicated mail for you: (

Remember that in Poland, we currently have an epidemiological risk. Therefore, all international travels by plane and train are suspended and not permitted. The government also decided to forbid gatherings of over 50 people – please keep it in mind!

Grocery stores and banks will stay open, so you can stock up on food and have access to your bank in case of any issue.

Check out this news from the radio for more details:,UPDATE-Poland-closing-borders-as-coronavirus-spreads

If you need help, write to us at We offer support in several languages: English, German, Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian and Catalan.

More information you can find at the website of Students' Parliament of the Republic of Poland link