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International Multimedia Creation Studies

International Multimedia Creation Studies

Warsaw Film School is launching a new innovative international educational program. We’re the first school in Poland to start its academic training with a three - week free Summer School preparation course in September.

-        Two innovative and unique BA specializations

-        All classes given in English

-        Summer school free of charge

-        Partial reimbursement of tuition fees

-        Art house cinema theater on campus

-        Intensive practical classes and workshops

-        International academic and student environment

-        Renowned and Academy nominated professors, Polish and international

Innovative education programs

Film Directing & Video Games 

Cinematography & Post -production

The innovative original program of the two new specializations was based on knowledge and experience of world class specialists in film industry, as well as active filmmakers, creators and producers of video games. Students will be given the opportunity to learn on the most modern equipment available. All classes on both specializations will be given in English in accordingly adjusted workshop rooms and studios of the Warsaw Film School.

International Summer School

As part of the above program, 32 students will be able to take part in a free of charge three-week International Summer School. This course, a unique program preparing the young people for BA film studies at the Warsaw Film School, will consist of a series of masterclasses, workshops and individual creative work under the guidance of highly experienced professors. International Summer School will cover costs of: accommodation in one of the finest multimedia and films hubs, full board meals as well as educational and didactic background for the studies.

Partial reimbursement of tuition fee after completing the studies

Graduates of International Multimedia Creation Studies who will complete their three year BA studies and will defend their thesis in due time will receive a partial reimbursement of their tuition fees.



Application fee: 45 Euro

Inscription fee: 1000 Euro

Tuition fee: 4500 Euro per academic year

After completing successfully the full study curriculum and defending their BA thesis (until December 31st 2020) students will be awarded a tuition fee grant in the amount of 2860 Euro of reimbursement for the entirety of their studies.



If you have any questions or require help with the enrollment documents, visa, accommodation please write to:


We help our students with accommodation and visa!






International studies in English language are co-financed by the European Social Fund as part of the Operational Programme "Knowledge Education Progress 2014-2020. Project: " International multimedia creation studies as the answer to the needs of the employment market of the present". Financing will be provided for 32 students, 16 for each specialisation.