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Introduction of epidemic state (stan epidemiczny)

On Friday, March 20, prime minister of Poland, Mr. Mateusz Morawiecki announced introducing “epidemic state” (stan epidemiczny) in Poland.

This is another step aimed at containing coronavirus epidemic in Poland. Legally most provisions of the epidemic state are the same as in the case of epidemiological threat  that was announce on March 12 (details can be found here: https://www.gov.pl/web/coronavirus/general-information). Please note that there might be some language discrepancies, so in order to avoid them Polish “stan epidemiczny will be used”.

Introducing “stan epidemiczny” means inter alia:

  • some people might by ordered by the government to support its activities related to fighting the epidemics. Previously it was applicable only in case of medical staff, currently also to other professions – e.g. in transportation sector
  • increasing penalty for not abiding quarantine up to PLN 30 000
  • suspending the classes at the universities till April 10, 2020

Additional information can be found on:

Urgent update:

Starting from March 24 till April 11 the government introduced restrictions on movement out of permanent place of stay - with the only exceptions for shopping, going for a walk and going to work. Other limitations will be introduced in urban transport - number of available places will be limited to number of seats in given bus/tram. It is banned to have meetings of more than 2 people. Police will be monitoring enforcement of the new regime.