Ministry of Science: Technical universities most popular among high school graduates

Technical universities were the most popular among this year's candidates - according to the recruitment report for the academic year 16/17, prepared by the Ministry of Science. Most candidates - more than seven per place - applied to Warsaw University of Technology.

After completion of recruitment for the academic year 2016/2017, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education analysed the choices of this year's high school graduates on the basis of the Integrated Science and Higher Education Information System - POL-on.

Data published by the Ministry of Science show that over 436 thousand people started their studies the academic year 2016/2017, almost 10,000 less than in the academic year 2015/2016. "More than 340,000 students took courses at public universities. Private schools accepted more than 92 thousand people" - reports the Ministry of Science.

Technical universities were the most popular among high school graduates. Most candidates - about seven per place - applied to Warsaw University of Technology. Poznań University of Technology had six candidates per place, Gdańsk University of Technology had 5.8; and Lodz University of Technology - 5.2. University of Warsaw, like last year, was in the fifth place. Five candidates competed for each place at that university.

Among the economic universities, most graduates wanted to study at Wrocław University of Economics. Most popular among pedagogical universities was the Pedagogical University in Kraków. Warsaw University of Life Sciences won among the universities of agriculture and natural sciences. Among universities of physical education, the highest number of candidates applied to the University of Physical Education in Wrocław, among state higher vocational schools - to the State Higher Vocational School in Tarnów. Among private universities, most candidates for full-time studies chose the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. Łódź branch of the University of Social Sciences had most candidates for part-time studies.

Computer science once again proved to be the most frequently chosen course, with more than 38 thousand students. In second place were courses in management (nearly 22 thousand students). Third and fourth place among the most frequently chosen fields, with little difference of accepted candidates, had law (19 771) and psychology (19 461).

The number of candidates per place was highest at chemistry and forensic toxicology - 21.2 per place. Candidates also competed places at medical studies (in the case of courses supervised by the Ministry of Science - 16.8 students per place). Third place ex aequo went to logistics and administration in the media and Swedish philology - 11.6 applications per place.

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