Nearly 103 million euros for Poland for Erasmus+ in 2016

Poland will receive nearly 103 million euros for the implementation of the EU’s Erasmus+ in 2016. The biggest budget - exceeding 45 million euros - will be at the disposal of the higher education sector.

European Union programme Erasmus+ was launched in January 2014. It replaced several previous educational programs, including "Learning for Life" and "Youth in Action". It will run until 2020, with the total budget of € 14.7 billion, of which in 2016 - 2.2 billion. It is planned that during its course the programme will benefit 4 million people, including 2 million students and 125 thousand institutions.

In Poland, Erasmus+ is implemented by three ministries: science and higher education, national education, sports and tourism. In 2016 - out of nearly 103 million euros for Poland - the amount of 13.7 million was allocated to projects related to school education; 27.4 million to vocational education and training initiatives. Tasks in the area referred to as "youth" in the program budget received 11.8 million euros; adult education - 4.2 million euros. The highest amount - over 45 million euros - will go to initiatives in the area of higher education.

According to the data provided by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System - the Polish National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme, about 43 thousand Polish students study at foreign universities (in the EU), including 14 thousand Polish students who leave to study or practice abroad through the Erasmus programme. 

According to the Foundation for the Development of the Education System, interest in the programme Erasmus+ in Poland remains very high from the beginning. "In the first two years of Erasmus+, the foundation received more than 8 thousand projects, of which we have financed 2632 projects, plus more than 800 projects under the Operational Programme Knowledge, Education, Development" - said Mirosław Marczewski, Director General of the Foundation for the Development of the Education System.

The deadline for applications in the first competitions in 2016 expires on February 2. Detailed information is available at:

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