Polish "Accreditation Commission of Universities of Technology" joined Mutual Recognition Agreement of EUR-ACE® Labelled Engineering Degree Programmes

EUR-ACE® is a framework and accreditation system developed by the ENAEE - European Network for Engineering Accreditation. EUR-ACE® provides standards to be observed by European high quality engineering degree programmes. The system contributes to the Bologna Process and development of the European Higher Education Area.

The EUR-ACE® Framework Standards define accreditation of an engineering education programme as the primary result of a process used to ensure its suitability as the entry route to the engineering profession. The Framework Standards describe programme outcomes, guidelines for programme assessment and programme accreditation as well as criteria and requirements for programme assessment.

Now Polish "Accreditation Commission of Universities of Technology" is together with a dozen other accrediting organizations eligible to award the EUR-ACE® quality mark to higher education institutions. The agencies signed the Mututal Recognition Agreement and agreed to make every reasonable effort to ensure that the bodies responsible:

  • for recognising engineering qualifications and/or
  • for registering or licensing professional engineers to practice in its country or jurisdiction accept the comparability of EUR-ACE® labelled programmes accredited by authorized agencies.

The Mututal Recognition Agreeement combined with the EUR-ACE® Framework Standards is a quality sign for higher education institutions, employers and students.