Scientists from Poznan University of Technology - prizewinners of Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education award 2016.

With a great pleasure, we would like to inform that PUT’s employees received an award of Minister of Science and Higher Education for 2016 in a field of lifetime achievement, scientific and didactic achievements and for organizational achievements.

Price for lifetime achievement
• Prof. Jerzy Merkisz, PhD, Eng.

Price for 2nd degree scientific achievements:
• PhD, Eng. Dariusz Brzeziński

MNiSW awards are confered yearly for the outstanding scientific or scientific-technical achievements (in three categories: basic research, research in favor of societal development, and research for development of economy), for outstanding scientific achievements, for achievements in scientific and didactic custody, for the lifetime achievement, and for scientific, didactic and organizational achievements.…/nagrody-ministra-za-2016-rok-rozd…