University Diversity! Global Education Week at the University of Lodz.

The #GlobalEducationWeek started at the University of Lodz within University Diversity initiative! We are glad to be participating in a project that promotes diversity, tolerance and integration. There are over 95 nationalities studying at the UL. Together with our lovely students we create a diverse multicultural and multigenerational community, thus, drawing on the best traditions of our city. The University of Lodz builds academic community around the values of respect for cultural, religious and community identities as well as social sensitivity. This week we start with posters in the Rectorate and Main Library. Soon the Faculties will join us as well. Please remember that this is just a small fraction of our multicultural diverse student body smiley Big thank you to our students who shared with us their thoughts and ideas - we are truly honoured you chose UL as you University! Enjoy the pictures at:

#UniversityDiversity #StudyWithUS #UniLodz #GlobalEducationWeek #TogetherForAWorldOfPeace

We invite you to view our Univesity's profile to read interviews with students who participate in the Global Education Week.