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Who can cross the Polish border without a 10-day quarantine?

A few days ago the government announced the extension of the existing restrictions due to the spread of COVID-19. This means that until January 31st, the compulsory 10-day quarantine will cover not only people crossing the external EU border but also people arriving in Poland by public transport.

Who should be quarantined after coming from abroad?

People who cross the border of Poland, which is also the external border of the European Union, apply for a 10-day quarantine.

It is worth mentioning that these are not only land borders, but also sea borders, airports, river ports, and lake ports. This means that people coming to Poland from, for example, Turkey, China, or the United States are quarantined.

Quarantine in Poland. Who is not affected?

You do not need to self-isolate if you are:

  • vaccinated against Covid-19 and an owner of a certificate of vaccination
  • crossing the internal border by car (inside the EU)
  • aircraft crew, the crew of a ship, or crew of another transport type
  • a public transport driver (of a vehicle able to carry 9 people or more), a lorry driver
  • a diplomat
  • a student studying in Poland (including a parent/guardian who crosses the border with them)
  • a student or researcher carrying out academic activities
  • legally residing in EU/EEA but transiting Poland
  • participating as a competitor or staff in an international sports competition
  • taking part in an 8th Grade or professional exam in January
  • traveling for professional, official, or employment reasons

Of course, to be released from quarantine, when crossing the border, you must have appropriate documents confirming the purpose of your arrival to Poland or professional qualifications. Detailed information on entering Poland can be found on the website of the Border Guard.


Photo: Granica Polski - Tobias Arhelger / Shutterstock