Students are more mobile than academics

In the academic year 2014/2015 more than 16.8 thousand Polish students and 6.3 thousand academics benefited from the Erasmus+ programme. Students are more mobile than academics - said Deputy Minister of Science Piotr Dardziński and reminded that the Ministry of Science wants to increase the mobility of researchers.

The functioning of Erasmus+ in Poland was discussed last week on Thursday by members of the Sejm Permanent Subcommittee for the Youth.

Polish Studies program at the University of Cambridge

The Polish Studies program was launched at the University of Cambridge two years ago and already enjoys considerable popularity. However, raising an endowment is needed to ensure the program continuation - announced the Foundation for Polish Science representatives at conference in Warsaw.

Representatives of science pleased with the budget

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz met with representatives of academia. "We were satisfied with the government's budget proposals for the budget of science and higher education for 2016" - commented the President of CRASP, Prof. Wiesław Banyś.

Easier to confirm education for foreigners

Foreigners will find it easier nostrify a diploma or continue their studies in Poland. Ministry of Science and Higher Education has announced that they published a regulation to that effect. The new law may also benefit refugees.

As previously announced, on Thursday the Ministry of Science and Higher Education published a new regulation on the recognition of higher education diplomas obtained abroad and on confirmation of higher education at a certain level.

Prime Minister met with representatives of academia

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz met on Tuesday last week with representatives of academia. It was an exchange of information before the final budgetary decisions - told PAP Minister of Science Lena Kolarska-Bobińska.

Kolarska-Bobińska explained that the meeting was organized at the request of representatives of the academic community. "It was the first, very important informational meeting" - the minister told PAP.