University of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Agricultural engineering
Agricultural, forestry and veterinary sciences
Bachelor Programme
Mode of studies: 
full-time programme
3.5 years (7 semesters)
Tuition fee: 
750 euro per semester
Degree awarded: 
Inżynier, equal to Bachelor
Application deadline: 
Sunday, 12 February, 2017
Start date: 
Wednesday, 1 March, 2017
Credits (ECTS): 
210 ECTS (30 ECTS per semester) 3.5 years (7 semesters)
Admission requirements: 

Necessary Documents: completed application form, printed and signed; original matriculation certificate (secondary school leaving certificate); translation of the matriculation certificate into English legalized by a sworn translator; certificate on nostrification of the maturity certificate from the Board of Education; up-to-date medical certificate – confirming no contraindications to enrolling in the studies in a selected major; three ID photographs sized 35 mm x 45 mm without a headgear in bright background; a certificate from consulate confirming Polish descent or Polish Charter, if the candidate holds one; a document confirming the knowledge of English; a photo-copy of a personal identity card or passport; a photo-copy of a visa or residence card or other document authorizing to stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland.


The undergraduate programme lasts 3.5 years (7 semesters). Agriculture programme offered at the Faculty helps the graduates to acquire a comprehensive knowledge in the field of agriculture and agricultural technologies,
The program provides also an opportunity to learn Polish language and culture.
Classes and lectures start on two dates: 1 October and 15 February. Documents submission deadline is 25th September or 8th February.
After completion of this Bachelor programme, the graduate will be awarded the Professional title of inżynier (engineer) with a note that the programme was taught in English. The graduates may follow their education in postgraduate (second cycle) programme Agroecology and also in PhD programme.