Social sciences
Master's Programme
Mode of studies: 
full-time programme
2 years/4 semesters
Tuition fee: 
3000 eur non EU candidates/ 1500 eur EU candidates per year
Degree awarded: 
Master of Administration
Application deadline: 
Wednesday, 15 August, 2018
Start date: 
Monday, 1 October, 2018
Credits (ECTS): 
120 in total
Admission requirements: 

The conditions of enrollment entail:

-an undergraduate diploma from an accredited University

-knowledge of English language confirmed by a test at B2 level or equivalent. Students for whom English was the language of instruction in previous stage of education, or is their mother tongue, are exempt from the obligation to provide the results of the test.

-compliance with the procedural requirements and administrative procedures specified for all the candidates for studies in English at the University of Wrocław published on the website of International Office www.international.uni.wroc.pl

-a positive opinion of the application by the faculty Coordinator

The documents should be submitted in the form of scans attached to an account created on the website www.international.uni.wroc.pl.

If the documents have been issued in another language they should be translated into English or Polish.



The University of Wrocław two-year Administration in International Organizations program is our response to the growing importance of staffing international organizations. The primary goal of our program is to prepare graduates for careers working in institutions and organs of the European Union and other international organizations. Until recently, public administration has been shaped almost exclusively by and within particular states. In this regard, public administration is – and in the foreseeable future will be – national, but for many decades we have witnessed the emergence of international and transnational administrations. Our focus is to prepare graduates to work in emerging supranational administrative spaces: European administrative space and global administrative space.

Our Administration in International Organizations program is tailored mainly for graduates who have already completed a bachelor’s degree in public administration. However, the program is also open to those with bachelors or master’s degree in other fields that are interested in working for international organizations and in international and transnational administrations. Employees of public and private organizations cooperating with international organizations and international administration are invited to apply for the program as well.

Graduates of the program will have advanced knowledge in the field of international organizations and administrations. Our graduates will be prepared to perform managerial and executive functions in international organizations and to work independently in organs of national public administrations and in private organizations cooperating with international organizations. Graduates will possess the knowledge and necessary skills to resolve problems independently, organize and lead workers teams, make decisions preserving human rights and ethical and legal principles, display creative problem solving skills, and prepare and implement projects. Graduates will also be prepared to face a variety of scientific challenges and begin their doctoral studies if so desired.