Established (year): 
Public University of Technology
Main specialization(s): 
Electronics and telecommunications
Informatics, control engineering and robotics
Students (total): 
18.00 thousand
Academic staff: 
1.30 thousand


Poznan University of Technology grew out of the State School of Mechanical Engineering which was established in 1919.Our University currently with its about 21 thousand students and more than 13 hundred academic staff, is one of the leading technical universities in Poland, which has become one of the most recognized landmarks of the region and even the whole country. To work and study at such a prestigious university as PUT,one has to effectively combine conceptual impetus, the pragmatism of an engineer, as well as interpersonal skills.Taking all these into consideration and striving for our ideals day by day,we observe the following rules: Science for people.We do not retreat from the world: technological development is accompanied by the greatest respect for human beings, protection of the natural environment and sustainable economic development.Open-minded approach to science. PUT plays an important role in international scientific life: we take an active part in scientific exchange and international projects and cooperate with many companies and research institutions.Contacts with numerous business partners are an essential part of university life.Our partners’encouragement and advice help us not only to adjust our educational programmes so as to meet the requirements of the market,but primarily,to make our position among other universities stronger.Study at Poznan University of Technology-technology in a Positive Feeling!