Established (year): 
Public University
Main specialization(s): 
Business management
Computer science
International relations
Students (total): 
32.00 thousand
Academic staff: 
2.20 thousand


University of Lodz, home to innovative new media ideas such as the SmartUni App, is the place where every student feels comfortable and important. International students, together with those studying in Lodz within Erasmus+ and other exchange programmes, are of about 95 different nationalities. In this truly international atmosphere everyone can experience the cultural diversity of both the city and the institution. UL strives to educate active global citizens who think critically, understand the complexity and the diversity of perspectives which underline most global problems.Our diplomas are recognized in all countries of the European Union. The University of Lodz - a state-owned University accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education - has been one of the leading educational institutions in Poland for over 70 years. The interest in studying at the UL is determined not only by high quality of instruction, but also by modern programmes of study offered in Polish, English, German or French, and adapted to the changing demands of the labour market. Our institution regularly hosts guest speakers, renowned politicians, businessmen and cultural representatives from Poland and abroad.

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